Mindfully off-line

October 23, 2019 | Posted by: Chad & Patty Southwell

In the age of digital why in the world would anyone keep a paper journal?  But in fact, analog journaling is a growing trend of off-line pursuits that is booming in China and Japan, complete with its own word, shouzhang. While certainly digital offers up an entire world which is both paperless and convenient, tucked neatly into an app on our phone, it misses the mark.  

We created a free printable debt journal, called Mindful Spending Journal purposely as a hard copy.  There is evidence that suggests the act of manually writing intentions gives more weight, commitment and dedication to the goal.  I personally feel a deep satisfaction physically checking items off, and recording a bill payment. I'll often review how much we've accomplished, it serves as a record of our past and a testiment to our growth.  

Personal information is all too easily accessible online, with identity theft on the rise.  As we promote our journal I often hear people tell me about their own digital systems which involve combining numerous credit facilities into an app that automatically tracks results, athough convient, it's worrisome. 

More importantly, off-line hand written journaling means less screentime. I set aside a few minutes in the morning to review my journal and record successes (and set-backs).  I use a beautiful black ink pen and scribble notes to myself.  It's a tactile ritual which is indeed, Mindful.

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